Monday, January 3, 2011

A couple of good links

Cord Clamping

Having the right Support

Things are about to get Crazy!

This is my last week off before I start back to school full time. I have always loved school but after these past few months my life has changed so much and I am so nervous about starting again. My workshop for my doula training is getting closer and I am so excited yet again I am getting anxious and nervous. I feel like I am getting ready to open this huge and almost final chapter. I am no longer just a student, I am getting ready to have a career a business and it is a little daunting. This semester in school in the beginning of my new path in life. It is the start of a very hectic couple of months school, doula training and my first client is due in April! Oh yeah, and then the whole family is moving in May! I have also just started a business page of Facebook!Deep Breaths, Very Deep Breaths! I think I have a lot to do this week, but I really just want to stay in bed and enjoy these last few days of sanity!